L’équipe Symbiose de TBI à l'INSA Toulouse, représentée par Claire Dumas, chercheuse INRAE, répondra à ces questions lors du webinaire organisé par le CTBM le 14 décembre de 11h à 12h. 2018 > 2021. Anne Jaffrezic, Agrocampus Ouest Rennes, UMR 1069 SAS. 31077 Toulouse Cedex 4. INAANCAC. INSA Toulouse Toulouse, Toulouse (31) : retrouvez sur Letudiant.fr toutes les informations pratiques pour INSA Toulouse Toulouse, ainsi que les formations proposées. An increase in Methanoculleus was observed during the adaptation to the sustained H2 and CO2 feeding, and this was the only genus found to be beneficial in the long term. Correspondant : Ligia Barna . Yee et al. Erika Huille. Toulouse, France. Voir son profil professionnel sur Viadeo. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Energy Res., 31 March 2020 studied the tempting approach of microbial electrosynthesis for biomethanation. Emilie Jardé, CNRS Rennes, UMR 6118 Géosciences Rennes. In this technology, the cathode reaction of electrolysis (H+ reduction) is bypassed, and electrons are fed directly from a cathode to electroactive microbes with CO2 as an electron acceptor. showed that electroactive Methanosarcina (horonobensis and barkeri) were able to take electrons, via DIET and stimulated by Carbon granulates, from Geobacter metallireducens. The growth in fluctuating renewable electricity (photovoltaic and wind) has encouraged the further development of the source of power used in gas technologies; excess power from renewable energy is converted first to H2 by electrolysis of water (producing H2 and O2), and this is followed by methanation (producing CH4 from H2 and CO2). Yee et al. Siegert described the innovation he made in developing a potentiostat software to reduce the cost of hardware that uses potentiostat in BES research studies. 1974 à 1979 . studied the toxicity of various aqueous pyrolysis liquids (APL) on methanogens. INSA Toulouse. The subject has now begun to receive special attention, and a majority of the articles on this topic were published within the last couple of years. The numbers of articles on the subject testify to this point. #biomethane #hydrogène #smartgasgrid La Commission… This article has been viewed 3,471 times since it was published online on 2/04/2019, attesting to the interest in this subject. INSEREE. claire Promotion 2011 a donné son avis le 10/11/16 . Claire Dumas 1 *, Lars Ditlev Mørck Ottosen 2, Renaud Escudié 3 and Paul Jensen 4 1 TBI, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, INRAE, INSA, Toulouse, France 2 Department of Engineering, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark Insa Toulouse. The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author(s) and the copyright owner(s) are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. Then, they tested the hypothesis whether wastewater nitrogen can be oxidized and used to produce methane. Received: 07 February 2020; Accepted: 18 February 2020; Published: 31 March 2020. 2009 à 2013 . Optimising the production of biopharmaceuticals in microalgae through in vivo engineering   of the N-glycosylation pathway of the diatom, Phaeodactylum tricornutum, Programme régional de coopération universitaire France-Amérique latine-Caraïbes (PREFALC), Contrôle systémique du métabolisme de l’acétate chez Escherichia coli, Outils d’Aide à la Décision pour l’Ingénierie d’enzyMes : Application au développement de lipases thermostables, Développement de procédés industriels de production de molécules à caractère aromatique par voie biocatalytiqueCorrespondant : Magali Remaud/Sophie Bozonnet, La spectroscopie comme outil de caractérisation des microorganismes : application à la microbiologie du sol et des produits laitiers, Développement d'une métrologie in situ et en ligne dans l'encrassement dans les procédés industriels et en milieu marin, Chemical and enzymatic synthese working in synergy toward broard coverage carbohydrate-based, Contrôle assisté par ordinateur de l'expression génique, Fermentation de farines de Légumineuses par diverses Communautés microbiennes, Projets de recherche « pré-compétitifs » TWB, Innovative Software for Rapid, Cost-Effective and Reliable Design of Proteins, Genome editing via CRISPR technology for the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, DESIGN: Développement et Evaluation de Scénarios Urbains Innovants de Gestion Séparative des effluentsDESIGN: Scenarios for innovative management of urban wastewaters based on source separation, Analyse dynamique de l’adaptation génétique d’un microbe à une ingénierie à l’aide d’un dispositif micro-fluidique d’analyse métabolique, Dynamique des populations et Modélisation, Faisabilité ECOnomique de la production d’un dérivé de la METhionine à partir d’un intermédiaire obtenu par un procédé Biotechnologique à faible impact environnemental. Synthetic Biology Approach to Engineer and Compartmentalise Methanol UtilisaTion Pathway in E. coli. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Partenaires Le consortium LOOP4PACK réunit des acteurs d’horizons divers et complémentaires tout au long de la chaîne de valeur : 2 laboratoires (IATE & TBI), 1 centre de ressources technologiques (CRITT-Bio-Industries), McCain et Euramaterials. In the original publication of the article, the co-author, Figueras Julie has been missed out in the author group. Marc AZAÏS ... CANNES. Chen et al. Notre organisation; Conseils et Commissions; Registre des actes administratifs; ClimatSup INSA; Laboratoires; Certification qualité; Centre Gaston Berger; Diversité, ouverture et solidarité; Fondation INSA Toulouse; INSA Alumni Toulouse; Groupe INSA; Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées; Culture; Newsletter. claire.dumas@insa-toulouse.fr INSA Toulouse est une grande école d’ingénieur publique, qui développe une recherche scientifique de pointe au sein de 10 laboratoires. Insa Toulouse. Ács et al. demonstrated that AD digester effluent contains the necessary microbiota for biomethanation in a batch system and that selection of the specific microbiology is promoted through feeding with H2 and CO2. Chen et al. This article has been viewed 2,175 times since it was published on 30/11/2019, attesting to the interest in this subject. They studied the structure of microbial communities in such environments and their evolution from fresh water, used as a fracturing fluid, to shale oil and gas reservoirs. The work of Siegert and Tan was dedicated to the study of the stimulation of ammonotrophic methanogens by electricity. Claire RENAUD (PELE) LES SABLES D'OLONNE. The cause of inhibition is attributed to the presence of organic compounds in catalyzed APL (phenol, m-cresol, p-cresol, 2,4-dimethylphenol, 3,5- dimethoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 2,5-dimethoxybenzyl alcohol, ethylbenzene, and styrene). INSA. Using a tubular wastewater treatment reactor for 10 days at two electrode potential values +0.300 and −0.800 V demonstrated that the software presented similar properties to hardware potentiostat, and this can be used to scale BES. Although this is not a situation found in most natural environments, these conditions can be found transiently in biomethanation reactors. Concerning Archae, no reaarrangements was observed. View Claire Dumas’ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Effects of grinding processes on anaerobic digestion of wheat straw Claire Dumasa ,b ∗, Gabriela Silva Ghizzi Damasceno c, Abdellatif Barakat , Hélène Carrère a, Jean-Philippe Steyer , Xavier Rouauc a INRA, UR 050 Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l’Environnement, Avenue des étangs, F-11100 Narbonne, France b LISBP – INSA de Toulouse, INSA/CNRS 5504 – UMR INSA/INRA … Langues vivantes étrangères ; Gestion et Économie; Expression et Communication; CHIFFRES CLÉS. However, M. barkeri was able to take electrons directly from a cathode surface, indicating that a closer study of uptake mechanisms, possibly trough genome information mining, could provide a better understanding of the potential of microbial electrosynthesis for biomethanation. Toute l'équipe du Centre des Sciences Humaines vous accueille dans ses nouveaux locaux ! INSA Toulouse - 2009 « J’ai tellement aimé ma vie à l’INSA Toulouse que j’y ai étudié pendant sept ans », s’amuse Erika Huille. This Research Topic is devoted to recent advances in the development of biological methanation or bio-syngas upgrading. Ophélie Fovet, INRA Rennes, UMR 1069 SAS. Nous suivre sur ScoopIt; Nous suivre sur YouTube; Flux RSS des actualités du site Insa Toulouse Biological methane potential (BMP) tests and batch reactors were performed on samples resulting from … Methanobacterium was the predominant archae genus in every reactor, and Methanothrix persisted for the first 4 weeks. AURéHAL permet d'accéder aux référentiels utilisés dans l'archive ouverte HAL. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Claire’s connections and jobs at similar companies. nadia.lescure @ insa-toulouse.fr @ Tél : +33 (0)5 61 55 94 75. The results show that a simple proportional controller can replace expensive potentiostats for chronoamperometry. Claire has 4 jobs listed on their profile. 135 avenue de Rangueil . Dans le cadre de ce projet, est associé le laboratoire LISBP (Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Université de Montpellier - 163 rue Auguste Broussonnet - 34090 Montpellier www.umontpellier.fr |, Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This article has been viewed 1,346 times since it was published on 08/02/2019, attesting to the interest in this subject. The Editors hope that the reader will find in this Research Topic a useful reference for inspiring significant progress in the field of biological methanation. Communities present in this shale oil reservoir enable the conversion of trimethylamine, or triglycinebetaine (GB), into ammonium and methane through syntrophic metabolism by Halanaerobium and Methanohalophilus. Ramiro March, CNRS Rennes, UMR 6566 CreAAH Impact Factor 2.746 | CiteScore 2.5More on impact ›, Biological Methanation or (Bio/Syn)-Gas Upgrading ... Claire Dumas… Edited and reviewed by: Ao Xia, Chongqing University, China. Le webinaire sera animée par Alice L'Hostis, directrice du CTBM. TBI, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, Bio & Chemical Engineering (ex. This article has been viewed 3,115 times since it was published online on 28/02/2019, attesting to the interest in this subject. Claire Dumas +33 (0)5 67 04 88 49 claire.dumas@insa-toulouse.fr INSA Toulouse est une grande école d’ingénieur publique, qui développe une recherche scientifique de pointe au sein de 10 laboratoires. focused their research on the fact that microbiology (Methanobacterium congolense) performing biomethanation will experience the highly unnatural situation of low CO2 concentrations and high H2 concentrations if the biomethanation technology should perform very high conversions of CO2 to CH4, as required by the gas grid. Despite the appearance of demonstration and pilot plants in Europe, the field of biological methanation is still at a low TRL level and is still in need of considerable research. Cedric LEFORT TOULOUSE. Copyright © 2020 Dumas, Ottosen, Escudié and Jensen. Microbial community analyses reflected the presence of halophilic taxa, including Halomonas, Halanaerobium, and Methanohalophilus. Claire Dumas, INRA Toulouse, UMR INSA/INRA 792 INSA/CNRS 5504. Laurent Jeanneau, CNRS Rennes, UMR 6118 Géosciences Rennes. Articles, Editorial on the Research Topic Biological Methanation or (Bio/Syn)-Gas Upgrading. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Energy Res. Claire has 3 jobs listed on their profile. showed that the CO2 affinity of methanogens most likely allows for CO2 conversion up to 95–99% of CH4 at a reasonable rate, which should allow for biomethanation up to gas grid standards of >95–98% CH4. 8:30. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2020.00030. Claire has 6 jobs listed on their profile. However, some APL organics and NH3-N can inhibit methane-producing microbes. The characteristics of APL, high quantity of COD, numerous complex organic compounds, and ammonia content give them the opportunity to be used as co substrate in anaerobic digestion units. This article has been viewed 1,033 times since it was published on 20/11/2019 online, attesting to the interest in this subject. à Toulouse - 33 inscrits ... Frederic DUMAS RODEZ. Lignocellulosic biomass represents an important part of the agricultural wastes that can be transformed into a renewable energy. Keywords: biogas upgrading, methanogens, CO2 reduction, biological methanation, syngas upgrading, Citation: Dumas C, Ottosen LDM, Escudié R and Jensen P (2020) Editorial: Biological Methanation or (Bio/Syn)-Gas Upgrading. Biological methanation is often associated with either anaerobic digestion or syngas production: in the first case, this is because the biological methanation reactor includes the same microbiology as an anaerobic digester; in the second case, this is because microorganisms have the advantage of being able to transform and/or to tolerate carbon monoxide or eventual inhibitor molecules present in the syngas. This is encouraging for the development of biomethanation technologies, which apparently can rely on a selection from inherent microbiology in AD reactors and focus the research on the development of large-scale mass-transfer technology. View Claire Dumas’ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Eco-procédé thermosolaire hybride de dessalement d'eau de mer sous concentration. Seyedi et al. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées 135 avenue de Rangueil, 31077 TOULOUSE CEDEX 4 - FRANCE Tél : 00 33 05 61 55 96 45 | Fax : (+33) (0)5 61 55 96 97 ‪INRA‬ - ‪Cited by 3,679‬ The following articles are merged in Scholar. were interested in the specific environments of shale gas and shale oil fields. Nous suivre sur Twitter; Nous suivre sur Facebook; Nous suivre sur Instagram; it! Il y a 50+ professionnels dénommés “Claire Dumas” qui utilisent LinkedIn pour échanger des informations, des idées et des opportunités. 1979 à 1981 . This article has been viewed 1,696 times since it was published on 07/03/2019, attesting to the interest in this subject. *Correspondence: Claire Dumas, claire.dumas@insa-toulouse.fr; claire.dumas@inrae.fr, Front. This article has been viewed 2,236 times since it was published online on 07/03/2019. Claire Dumas (Toulouse, France), occupe actuellement le poste de Référente QSE ALTEN SO chez/à Alten SO. TWB. Découvrez ce que sont devenus nos ingénieurs INSA Toulouse et imaginez ce que vous deviendrez peut-être. Avec près de 14 000 ingénieurs, présents dans tous les secteurs de l’économie, l'Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA), école d’ingénieur publique, pluridisciplinaire et internationale, est reconnue pour l’excellence de sa formation en cinq ans après le bac, qui attire des élèves de haut niveau. Consultez les profils des professionnels dénommés “Claire Dumas” qui utilisent LinkedIn. Claire has 5 jobs listed on their profile. Correspondant : Claire DUMAS . See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Claire’s connections and jobs at similar companies. The authors regret that the … Je suis rentrée à l'INSA sans trop savoir ce que je voulais faire et au final comme on se spécialise chaque année un peu plus on peut facilement s'orienter vers quelque chose qui nous plaise. 1982 à 1985 Autre . The abundance of bacteria and archae show that Bacillus and Ruminococcus were promoted under these conditions. Insertion d’Acides Aminés non Canoniques dans des Anticorps. Correspondant : Gilles Truan : INSA-UPVD. Accès direct. Claire Dumas 1 Etienne Paul Yolaine Bessiere 1 Mathieu Sperandio 1 Sébastien Pommier 1 Xavier Lefebvre Matthieu Peyre Lavigne 1 Détails. View Claire Dumas’ profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. First, they showed that ammonium oxidation can be coupled to H2 production in microbial electrolysis cells. 8 View Claire Dumas’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. TWB FEDER & Région Experiments were carried out in H-type cells reactors with either an interest in ammonium oxidation coupled to hydrogen production or the testing of nitrogen removal coupled with methane production. E-mail address: claire.dumas@insa-toulouse.fr (C. Dumas). Retour en vidéo sur la biométhanation avec l’ATEE, Alice L'Hostis, Claire Dumas, TBI INSA Toulouse. Paul ETIENNE, Professor (Full) of Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, Toulouse (INSA Toulouse) | Read 122 publications | Contact Paul ETIENNE. Evaluation environnementale (ACV) et Ecoconception de procédés de transformation de bio-ressources, Production de synthons à partir de lignocellulose par des consortia microbiens : impact du pretaritement par extrusion-réactive et de la teneur en solides, Hétérogénéité Métabolique chez Escherichia coli, HYDROgénation du CO2 renouvelable pour la production de METhane, Insertion d’Acides Aminés non Canoniques dans des Anticorps, Eco-procédé thermosolaire hybride de dessalement d'eau de mer sous concentration, INgénierie de Souche d’E. 2015 > 2018. coli pour l’ExpRession de modèles Enzymatiques présentant un acide aminé non naturEl, Correspondants : Régis Fauré, Sébastien Nouaille, Gilles Truan, Minimisation des émissions de N2O des procédés biologiques d'épuration, Exposition orale à l’argent des additifs et compléments alimentaires : transformations physico-chimiques et conséquences sur le mucus dans son dialogue avec le microbiote intestinal en condition de stress chronique, Optimisation des Digesteurs Solides Statiques à Percolation, Metabolic chassis for versatile production of oligosaccharides, Optimisation d’un procédé Membranaire Intégré pour l’eXtraction de l’ammoniaque, Quantification des contraintes métaboliques et physiologiques liées à la surproduction de protéines recombinantes par Escherichia coli : amélioration des performances et de la robustesse du système d’expression et du procédé de production, Microbial conversion of C1 to value-added products by integrated systems and synthetic biology, Single-Molecule force spectroscopy to unveil the biofilm-forming properties of pili in L .lactis, pRocEss COupling fermentation and separation for solid WastE valoRization, Le cycle réverse des acides tricarboxylique: une voie prometteuse et flexible de capture du CO2, Séparer les Micropolluants à la Source et les traiter pour maîtriser les risques sanitaires et préserver les milieux, Conception d'une plateforme d'ingénierie génomique pour les microalgues, A THERMOdynamic framework for modelling MICrobial growth and community dynamics, DIETARY NANOSILVER-MUCUS-MICROBES INTERACTIONS AND THEIR DYNAMICS: WHEN MODELING HELPS DECIPHERING GUT NANOTOXICOLOGY, 2021 © INSA de Toulouse - Conception : Service communication Insa de Toulouse / Anyware Services, Flux RSS des actualités du site Insa Toulouse, Pole Catalyse et Ingénierie Moléculaire Enzymatiques, Pole Physiologie Moléculaire et Métabolisme, Ingénierie Combinatoire et Criblage à Haut Débit.

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